Episode 25: Biggest Lessons, Challenges and Breakthroughs from this Season (Final Wrap-up with Michelle)

In this wrap-up episode with Michelle, we are talking all about what her experience on the podcast was like as well as the lessons and breakthroughs she had during this time. She’s sharing what coaching publicly felt like, what she’s taking away until our post-maternity leave sessions, and what she hopes all of you take away from this season. 

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How Michelle felt about being coached on the podcast and the difference with other coaching she’s received previously
  • Michelle’s biggest lessons in our five months together (this is EXACTLY what results in a sustainable, easeful, profitable business!)
  • The toughest parts of being on the show and celebrating tangible and intangible accomplishments 
  • What Michelle wishes everyone would takeaway from this season (and why this is so important for reaching personal + business goals) and BONUS: her special request for a future LITerally® episode

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