Episode 24: Finding Your North Star in Business (Session 18 with Michelle)

In Session 18 with Michelle (our final session of the season!) we discuss the things that are going well in her business as well as pinpointing what still needs work. It’s so normal to want to wrap things up in a pretty bow, but the reality is that business is an ongoing journey. If you’re feeling like you should be at the finish line with everything figured out by now, you definitely don’t want to miss this one!

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The power of finding data in your business and what to do with it
  • The trap that can prevent us from being able to receive money easefully and abundantly
  • How to use my Mindset Strategy Execution framework to pinpoint the right problem to solve (which is the KEY to business growth)
  • The thing I recommend Michelle focuses on (even and especially when she doesn’t feel like it!) that’s essential for quantum leaps
  • Re-writing what success means and how to do that even when you feel like it should be happening faster 

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