Episode 23: Capitalizing on Success and Mutually Beneficial Ways of Selling (Session 17 with Michelle)

In Session 17 with Michelle, we discuss the way we see ourselves and how this is what ultimately directs our actions in business and life. This episode will be such a gamechanger to knock you out of a rut, and help you set your mindset and identity for way more success. We’ll also dive into ways of selling to your audience that feel good and maximize sales and results. This is a great mindset and strategy deep dive you don’t want to miss. 

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How to embody the identity of the successful entrepreneur you want to be so you act in ways that serve you and your business 
  • Avoiding autopilot – and the thing that REALLY matters to grow your business easefully
  • Adjusting systems and processes so you have freedom and flexibility, not more to worry about 
  • Mastering different ways to sell to your audience (and why this is SO beneficial for getting & maximizing sales!) 
  • Capitalizing on your results and intentionally adjusting your actions so you get more of them (calls ➯ clients ➯ cash!)
  • The value of releasing THIS mentality from our past experiences so we can go ALL in on ourselves and our goals 

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