Episode 22: Decision-Making & Problem Solving for More Business Success (Session 16 with Michelle)

In Session 16 with Michelle, we continue leaning into our power, taking ownership of our results AND realizing that we can get what we want when we get in touch with what’s present – even when it’s hard to see it or when we’re told otherwise. This episode will help you work towards your self-belief and take action towards building a business that feels great to you and makes you great money.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How looking at examples of your decision making process can reflect what to shift in your business to get you more of what you want
  • Releasing “I HAVE to do this” mentality and what actually is EVERYTHING for growing and scaling your business
  • Learning to look beyond the checklist (and how this actually gets you making more money!)
  • The one question that helps you get the business growth you want! 
  • One of the biggest challenges I see entrepreneurs face (that needs to be normalized!) and how to work through it to create our ideal life and business
  • Analyzing the right problems to solve in your business – so you can grow it powerfully yet easefully!


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