Episode 20: Adaptable Offers and Funnels & Giving Purpose to Your Revenue (Session 15 with Michelle)

In Session 15 with Michelle, we follow up on all the questions she’s been asking herself and dive into what’s unfolded from that. We also talk about making your offers and sales funnels adaptable and tailoring them to the season you’re in in life without changing your entire business (while still getting results). Finally, we talk money mindset and the trick for creating more abundance! 

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • What the tough questions in business do for us, and how to use them to keep moving forward (rather than staying stuck)
  • Tuning out the coaching industry’s myth about long term offers being the only way to go (and creating THIS thing that keeps clients wanting to work with you more!)
  • How to create sales funnels that meet your desires (and tailoring your business to the season of life you’re in)
  • Releasing THIS one thing that will catapult you to Creator/CEO mode in your business and ultimately get you to your goals quicker!
  • The key to creating more abundance that is not always the most comfortable/logical thing to do but so crucial for growth


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