Episode 19: Tough Questions, Breakthroughs & Self Motivation (Session 14 with Michelle)

In Session 14 with Michelle, we discuss some key topics that lead to significant breakthroughs and aha moments for Michelle and what she wants to explore further in her IVF coaching business. This session is the start of more conversations to come and gives you SO many great questions to ask yourself to get to the deeper stuff (you know, the stuff that will ACTUALLY help you have your own breakthroughs and aha moments that lead to magnetizing your dream clients and your business feeling epic!).

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How to release the “not doing enough” mentality to be more intentional and get amazing results in your business
  • The super important mindset shift that will propel your business forward (aka get you those dream clients, income and life!)
  • The difference between being in a worker bee mindset and a CEO mindset (and how to use the latter to get an easeful and profitable business)
  • The exact questions for getting to the root of your motivation factor – so you can get clarity on what really lights you up and run at it!
  • Normalizing that we need to ask ourselves tough questions about business and seeing this as the place where breakthroughs can happen


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