In Session 13 with Michelle, we go deep on life-related topics like Michelle feeling the desire to do more with her personal life and weighing the pros and cons of what that could entail for her. Whether you’re feeling uninspired by your business or are looking for reassurance that you CAN live a fun, exciting life and continue expanding your business, this episode will show you how giving attention to your life (and filling your cup in other ways besides business) is often the key to building a profitable and easeful business. 

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The vital decision you can make that will help you feel more aligned and empowered in your business
  • How applying this ONE concept to business can help you trust that what you’re doing is enough 
  • How to flip the fear of disappointment to create a lit up life by design
  • Normalizing giving attention to your life (and how this allows you to build your DREAM business)
  • Following the season you’re in to create more self-trust (and huge breakthroughs!)
  • How to make tradeoffs work for you so that you get more of the results you want (the dream clients, the amazing income, the joyful life!)


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