Episode 14: Honoring Progress in Business and Making Room for More Growth (Session 10 with Michelle)

In Session 10 with Michelle, we are giving you a great mindset checkpoint as we chat about Michelle’s exciting progress in her business. We’re talking about the tricky games our brain can play on us, how to focus on the feeling rather than the doing, and how to trust your business to give you the feedback you need to move forward and get results. This is SUCH a juicy mindset session that will help you think about your own beliefs and inspire you to shift if needed so you can create more space for growth.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How to honor your progress even when you still want more (and build that dream LIFE alongside the business!)
  • The tricky thinking that can sabotage our self-trust and how to shift it so that you feel confident in your ability to get results and hit your revenue goals
  • How to make room for magic (i.e. clients, income, enjoyment!) in your business without RELYING on the magic
  • One of the biggest assets you have in your business for making pivots that consistently leads to better results
  • The mindset work I prescribe for bringing big business wins into your reality 

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