Episode 12: Creating More Ease in Business & Managing Your To Dos Like a CEO (Session 9 with Michelle)

In Session 9 with Michelle, we discuss everything from how to organize your business tasks so you’re wearing your true CEO hat to how to confidently manage your energy after your sales calls and more. This episode really shows how mindset, strategy and execution fit together to move things forward in business AND get you amazing results!

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • What it *actually* means to feel ease in your business (even during crazy weeks!)
  • One of the biggest traps we fall into as entrepreneurs – and how to overcome it so that you set yourself up for long-term growth 
  • How to look at your to-do list with the eyes of a CEO (so you can maximize growth and create magic!)
  • The thing that matters the MOST in your sales process (hint: it’s not a script or specific follow up email)
  • The mindset that my fastest-growing clients adopt and why it’s key to bigger results in your business

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