In Session 8 with Michelle, we’re discussing taking breaks from business and creating streamlined systems and processes that will be fulfilling and profitable. This episode is going to normalize that you can BOTH love your business AND enjoy taking time off when needed, and give you tips to show up in your business in a way that feels good to you and impacts your revenue tremendously!

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • One of the myths in the coaching industry that I want you to bypass (& one of the very reasons I host this podcast to show you the other side of it!)
  • How continuing to work with the same coach can help you create better long-term results and compounding positive effects in your business
  • The manifestation trick you can use to get EXACTLY what you want!
  • The fallacy that can keep us stuck and make business less fun – and the shift you can make to bring more ease and enjoyment to the process
  • The truth about fast growth and fast results (I promise, this change in perspective will give you SO much confidence!)
  • How to create systems, templates and processes for follow-ups (so you ENJOY executing and can eventually delegate!) 

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