In Session 7 with Michelle, we illustrate how sales objections can help us gain clarity to make more sales. From handling disappointment and objections in our business, to simple yet impactful ways to increase our conversions in content and on calls, this episode will give you new perspectives on how you can close sales with more ease!

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • An often overlooked area in business and why focusing on THIS number will give you better results
  • The key to feeling way more empowered to move forward in business (plus a coaching tip on how to empower your clients to make the best choice for them) 
  • How to understand what content to create for YOUR people that will be the most impactful for your results
  • One question to ask yourself that will help you get unstuck and build a sales process that works for YOU and your audience
  • A simple yet incredibly powerful shift to make in your content that will help with more conversions 
  • How getting a “no” on a sales call can actually bring you CLOSER to getting more clients (ones that light you up!) if you do this one thing


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