Episode 1: Meet Our New Coachee (Introduction with Michelle)

In this introductory episode, we learn about our new coachee Michelle! We discuss the importance of support and embracing the timing of your journey. Michelle shares her IVF journey that prompted her to begin her business. Hear about the steps she took to begin, her goals, biggest lessons learned so far in her business, and how she honors her journey & feelings in her decision making. Tune in for what you can expect this season on LITerally®! 

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How to trust your business journey (even when things don’t feel like they are moving)
  • How Michelle’s IVF journey shaped her business
  • One of the biggest lessons Michelle learned and has built her business around (and how it could shape yours as well)
  • The importance of navigating the rollercoaster of life & business (and how to use that to create your own version of success)
  • The one thing that’s damaging the coaching industry (what every coachee should consider before hiring a coach)


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