Episode 4: Creating a Fulfilling Business Model + Effortless Launching (Session 3 with Michelle)

In Session 3 with Michelle, we’re diving into how to feel fulfilled and confident with your business model. From how to love the different aspects of your business (from the admin tasks to the deliverables) to the permission to create a business model that works for you (and what that might look like). We will also talk about uncomplicating your next launch (so that you can do it effortlessly & repeatedly). This episode is going to help you step into a CEO mindset and grow!

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Permission to pick the business model you want most (even if there are tradeoffs) 
  • How downsells can be useful (and lead to full paying clients later)
  • The magic of having a solid sales process (because ONE client isn’t the goal- knowing how to get more IS)
  • How to get into the CEO mindset of seeing the bigger picture (separating biz growth from personal circumstances)
  • The key to creating an evergreen offer (because launching doesn’t have to be one and done)

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