Episode 7: Launch strategy, launch mindset and knowing it’s all working (Session 5 with Erika)

In Session 5 with Erika, we discuss how launch strategy becomes easier and easier as your business grows and why how you’re thinking about and approaching your launch becomes even more important. Plus we discuss what it looks like to find pieces of evidence that let you know it’s all working (even before sales are coming through) and the energetic strategies that making launching more fun and more successful! 

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How to make sure your launch strategy gets easier and easier (and how to find evidence it’s ALWAYS working… even between launches or before you’re making sales)
  • How to warm up your waitlist before a launch (and why this is SUCH an important and powerful strategy to increase conversions)
  • The energetic and embodiment work I recommend clients bring to a launch (and the 3 things that’ll help your launch be more fun and more successful)
  • Tradeoffs of a launch model and the most important way to think about these tradeoffs so you can keep growing
  • Feeling shame for “getting to have it all” and why that’s so important to explore in business 


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