Episode 6: Time Off, Scheduling, and Creating Freedom in Business (Session 4 with Erika)

In Session 4 with Erika, we discuss scheduling in your business and personal life to create more freedom and lessen decision fatigue! We’re talking about how structure, automation, and calendaring can help you get more done, enjoy your business more, and create more space for business and personal growth (even if you HATE structure). This is for you if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the weight of being an entrepreneur, and especially for you if you tend to go with the flow but are craving more routine!


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Why it’s NORMAL to feel resistant or unmotivated when coming back from vacation (and why feeling that way doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong) 
  • The weight of being an entrepreneur and why it can feel overwhelming when everything ultimately falls on you (even if you have a team supporting you)
  • Spontaneity vs routine and how structure, automation, and routine GIVE YOU more freedom as an entrepreneur
  • What to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed by responsibility, decision fatigue, and running a business (in addition to other areas of your life)
  • How to create more time, energy, and space for thought leadership and why calendaring can help you become MORE productive


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