In this solo episode, we discuss the ONE thing that makes the process of creating your lit up life and business happen faster, better, and easier. This is THE WORK that makes your business grow with more ease, and I’m sharing how doing this work impacts your productivity, your success, and how you show up in business plus why I’m willing to say this is a non-negotiable at the beginning of your business AND every step along the way!


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How to avoid self-sabotaging your success (and why NOT doing this one thing consistently might be the reason you feel caught in a self-sabotage loop around money, growth, or showing up in business) 
  • What makes business strategy feel OVERLY complicated and challenging (and how to get out of this dynamic so you can grow your business faster and with more ease!)
  • How mindset work ACTUALLY impacts the growth of your business (and why doing this work can MASSIVELY skyrocket your productivity and your success!)


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