Episode 4: An unrecorded session & some thoughts on transparency in business (Session 3 with Erika)

In Session 3 with Erika, it’s actually only me you’ll hear from! Erika had a personal challenge this week and while we ARE committed to sharing the behind-the-scenes, we’re focused on the behind-the-scenes of her business story. So, I’m sharing why we decided to have this session WITHOUT recording it, why it’s okay to keep some things personal and to prioritize your people (even over your business), and how I approach transparency when it comes to sharing our stories online.


In this episode, you’ll hear me discuss:

  • Why we did NOT record this week’s session (and why I intentionally choose not to record another session but to share as transparently as possible what’s going on instead)
  • How I look at what feels good versus doesn’t feel good to share in business (and how this podcast episode is a perfect example of that)
  • How to share what you’re going through without feeling like you have to overshare or get specific (and why you do NOT owe your audience anything)
  • Why it’s okay to let your personal needs to take priority as you’re building your business (and why you might use business coaching to process personal things sometimes)
  • The permission to remember we ALL have shit we’re going through (and there’s no level to get to in business where this magically becomes not true)


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