Episode 3: Money Mindset & Feeling Safe Making More (Session 2 with Erika)

In Session 2 with Erika, we have such an important conversation around business growth, money mindset, and pre-making decisions to create more ease. This conversation will serve you SO much no matter where you are in business because these are the BIG things we often have to work through to continue growing and increasing our income and impact!


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How decision fatigue impacts business growth and how to make decisions in your life and business that make it easier to show up, go live, serve your clients, AND feel good
  • The launch milestone Erika is celebrating (and why it’s NORMAL to feel amazing, grateful, AND maybe a little bit disappointed)
  • Why making more money might leave you with guilt or a heightened sense of responsibility (and how to process that so you don’t put the brakes on your growth)
  • One of my favorite money mindset exercises to help you define your money values so you can ground into increased abundance (and feel safe making more)
  • How “money magnifies” and things you can do right NOW to feel safe setting and reaching money goals in your business


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