Episode 22: Adaptability and Your #1 Strength as a Small Business Owner (Session 16 with Erika)

In Session 16 with Erika, we discuss your #1 strength as a small business owner: adaptability. From how to adapt during a launch (so that you get the best results) to adapting your programs (so you can serve your clients better and better), let’s talk about why adaptability is the antidote to pressure and your key to building a sustainable business! 

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How to adapt (without reinventing the wheel) when you’re in the middle of a launch and sales are slow or off-pace (or tech throws a wrench in your plans)
  • The difference between adapting vs. reacting in business (and why the former is the antidote of pressure plus the thing that can rocket-fuel you forward)
  • How to approach sales and launches during big marketing weeks (like Black Friday)
  • How program creation vs. marketing in business impacts growth (and why there are different seasons for each) 
  • My 3-step approach to getting things done in business (and how to feel intentional, strategic, and adaptive rather than reactive or “in-the-weeds” 24/7)
  • Moving from “doer” to CEO in business (and when to challenge yourself to spend more time thinking and planning rather than doing)


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