Episode 20: Relaunching Programs, Recurring Revenue, and a Fear of Success (Session 15 with Erika)

In Session 15 with Erika, we discuss the fear of success versus the fear of failure and what to do when you worry the other shoe’s going to drop or things can’t possibly stay good (or get better). If you’re gearing up for a launch, setting stretchy business goals, or creating new offerings, this episode is all about letting it work and creating long-term business success (without self-sabotage).

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Why content creation can feel overwhelming (and how to structure your programs and services in a way that serves you for years to come)
  • The value of securing recurring revenue in your business and how recurring offerings or payments actually give you more freedom, flexibility, and choice in how you grow
  • Why team, support, and structure helps expand your capacity for clients and growth (and makes business feel easier even when you’re doing or holding more)
  • What is “the fear of success” (and what to do when it creeps up before a launch or after you hit a big business milestone)
  • The power of letting yourself believe in things going well and the ironic path to less disappointment in life and business


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