Episode 2: Mapping Out Your Sales and Launch Calendar (Session 1 with Erika)

In Session 1 with Erika, we discuss Erika’s current launch (and why it’s normal to question if you can repeat a successful month in business) and map out her next 6-8 month sales and launch calendar. From how she’s deciding what to sell to the thought process behind planning her launches to how she’s letting launches get easier and easier, we’re laying the foundation for long-term, predictable growth!


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • What makes launching get easier and easier (and the #1 thing to do right NOW to feel better showing up, writing sales emails, and seeing your launch all the way through)
  • How to recalibrate to new normals and why wondering “How will I repeat this?” is one of the most common feelings/questions to have after hitting a business milestone
  • Why it’s OK to build a business that works around your schedule, desires, and lifestyle (and how to set boundaries about when and how you work that feel good to you without “turning off” potential clients)
  • The surprising thing Erika is launching this fall (and why she almost didn’t launch this thing) and how to make sure you’re launching the right programs for your business and audience
  • How different this first call was than Erika expected (and why that’s the magic of coaching– for both coaches and coachees!)


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