In Session 13 with Erika, you’ll get to hear how fast things can shift (positively) in business as we discuss what makes it easier to show up consistently online, how to get more done (with less pressure), how to approach big projects with only small chunks of time, the power of being transparent with your audience, and when to take a social media break plus how to set yourself up for staying consistent during a break!

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The value of expressing appreciation for things you now have and previously wanted (i.e. a busy week of calls, full schedule, multiple team members)
  • How to stay in flow and get things done even when you’re sick or having a bad week (and when it’s okay to cancel tasks or take extra rest)
  • To do or not to do when it comes to social media breaks (and how to bring team in to help you with posting, engagement, and showing up consistently online)
  • How to find more ease in projects, creating new courses, or writing new content when you only have small chunks of time to work


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