Episode 15: “Quantum Leaping” in Business and its Effect on Team, Tasks, and Planning (Session 11 with Erika)

In Session 11 with Erika, we discuss Erika’s final mastermind launch results and what’s coming up for her now that she’s officially “quantum leaped” in business! We’re talking about her final launch numbers, what happened during the tail end of her launch, what’s happened since she closed the cart, how she’s delegating more to team, and the value of letting yourself be an imperfect human in your business!

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The tangible results from Erika’s launch (and why 25-50% of your clients enrolling at the end of your launch is SO normal)
  • “Quantum leaping in business” and how Erika went from a $9k launch to a $56k launch
  • Leadership in business and how to delegate to team when it feels easier (and faster) to just do things yourself
  • Why you might have to slow down to speed up (and how that can be SO hard when your business is growing but is ALSO the key to avoiding burnout)
  • What it looks like to spend more time in CEO mode plus the value of letting yourself be an imperfect human in business (and why these two things help grow your business!)


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