Episode 14: The Key(s) to Long-Term Results and Ease in Business (Session 10 with Erika)

In Session 10 with Erika, we discuss what ease in business actually means, the difference between getting it right and trusting yourself to make it right, why the best strategies are stacked rather than shifted, how to step into CEO mode (versus employee mode), and many other important concepts that’ll help you create more results in business and feel WAY more empowered doing it!

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The real reason launching becomes easier and easier over time (and the strategies and practices you can put into place to intentionally set yourself up for more success!)
  • What it means to stack strategies in your business (and why this is EVERYTHING when it comes to seeing a huge “pop” in your business growth)
  • How to study and learn from your business revenue (and how to avoid the income-related traps that hold entrepreneurs back)
  • Employee mode vs. CEO mode (and how to navigate being the “talent” in your business)
  • What it means to always “make it right” (and why adopting this mentality creates SO much momentum in your business and keeps you moving forward faster)

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