In this close-up with Lacey, we discuss navigating some of the more challenging aspects of business and sales, from clients having freak-outs, to potential clients backing out, to responding to objections. Let’s both normalize these things happening AND break down how we can shift our outlook on these situations to make better business decisions, more sales, and feel way more empowered in the process!

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The energetics of sales conversations (and why this is a HUGELY important part of creating trust with your potential clients and ultimately making more conversions)
  • One of the worst and hardest things we do unnecessarily in business (and how we can shift this to better serve ourselves, our business, and our clients!) 
  • Navigating objections, potential clients backing out, and client freak-outs (plus the TWO most important things to do if/when this happens in your business)
  • The best strategy for addressing objections during your launch and how to make sure you walk away from each launch knowing you’ve done your best


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