In Session 9 with Erika, you get to hear so much of the reason I started this podcast… aka the behind-the-scenes of what it really looks like to build a business and a life that lights you up! Erika’s had a lot of financial growth over the last few months and this episode is an amazing example of what that means and what needs to be processed in order to keep scaling and riding that wave of growth. 

I hope this is permission-giving, validating, and a breath of fresh air for you letting you know you’re on the right path and doing it “right” even when it might not always feel that way! 

In this episode, you’ll hear:

    • Why it can be such a GIFT to have someone tell you your program or service is too expensive (and how to respond in a way that feels good to you and empowers them!) 
    • Why the reason your audience has an objection is usually the same reason they need your program/service (and how to communicate this in a way that gives your audience permission and safety to invest)
    • The “upper limit problem” and feeling worthy of success and wealth 
    • Owning what you want in life and business (and the income milestone Erika is celebrating plus the one she’s owning her desire around!)
  • Why there’s no one right way to scale a business (and how raising your prices is NOT the only way to increase your income) 


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