Episode 11: Objections, Hearing “No”, and How to Always Win Your Launch (Session 8 with Erika)

In Session 8 with Erika, we’re talking about the things that don’t always get talked about in business: people dropping out of programs, potential clients having objections, and making adjustments during a launch. This episode is going to normalize challenges in business and during launches, and create SO much empowerment for you in knowing how to navigate whatever comes up in business and how you can still get the results you want!

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • What next level Erika feels like she has reached (and the ceiling she feels she’s busted through during this launch!)
  • How to navigate people signing up but then dropping out of your program (and how to approach objections, hearing “no”, and adjustments during your launch)
  • My ONE and only goal in addressing objections with potential clients 
  • How to figure out what to write in sales emails during your launch (and how often to send emails, take sales calls, and reach out to warm leads)
  • The key to feeling like you win EVERY launch!


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