Episode 10: Celebrations, Delegation, and Normalizing Ease (Session 7 with Erika)

In Session 7 with Erika, you’ll hear an update on Erika’s launch as we talk about normalizing ease and good things happening (and why this work is so important if you want to create sustainable ease in your business). You’ll also hear us discuss delegation, hiring team members, and creating new offers in your business that both light you up and sell out!

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How business and launching can be easy AND feel good (and the not-so-secret strategy that makes this possible) 
  • How I think about hiring new team members and how to both make the right hires for your business AND know which tasks to delegate first
  • The surprising path to more ease and freedom in your business (and how to NORMALIZE growing into more and more ease over time!)
  • The only “rule” I recommend my clients follow (and why this works so well when it comes to selling out programs and services)
  • How Erika is responding to a post that went viral and letting go of what people think about her work

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