Episode 1: Meet Our Coachee (Introduction with Erika)

In this introductory episode, we learn about our new coachee Erika and hear about her business and her goals over the next six months. We learn that Erika built a successful business serving a consumer (not business-based audience) and is getting support because things are going well (and she’s ready for them to get even BETTER). Tune in for what you can expect this season on LITerally®!


During this episode you’ll hear:

  • Who Erika is and what life and business look like for her right now (including whether or not she has kids, if she’s married, where her business is financially, etc.), and what her day-to-day looks like
  • Why Erika wants support EVEN THOUGH her business is successful and everything is working well (and why it can be immensely valuable to get coaching support as things get better and better)
  • Erika’s goal for this season and why she wants to hire team, forecast business revenue, and do the deeper psychological work around success, expansion, and money mindset to reach her next level of business growth
  • What freaks Erika out most about recording the podcast, growing her business, and becoming even more successful
  • Why I chose Erika for this season of the podcast and what I’m most excited for you to hear this season!


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