In our second solo episode, I’m sharing a simple strategy for your business that’s almost guaranteed to give you a better life and business experience. If clients keep asking you to do or give more, if you can’t seem to find a VA or OBM you love no matter how many hires you make, or if sales calls always seem to end in “no”, you’ll love this episode! I’m sharing the hack to change your results & what’s happening in your biz… FAST!


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • 7 specific ways we hold ourselves back in business (from sales calls to hiring team to writing content) and how to shift these habits NOW
  • The REAL reason it’s hard to change your experience (and my two-step approach to getting the results you really want)
  • Why we actually do personal development and mindset work (and why this definition will ALSO help you become a more effective & more confident coach)
  • The question to ask yourself to change ANYTHING in your life or biz (and the surprising way to get more sales, strong team members, and clients who love you)
  • The belief I had around team when I started my biz & why I went through 5-6 VAs ? (plus how to learn from my mistakes to quickly get an amazing team working in your biz!)


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