Episode 8: The one thing that will change EVERYTHING in her business (Session 6 with Ally)

In Session 6 with Ally, we discuss the one surprising shift that will change everything in Ally’s business… from her messaging to her sales page to her client work and even to-do list. This episode is truly one of the most helpful episodes we’ve EVER done on LITerally, and it will serve you no matter what industry you’re in or what you do!


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The most important mindset work you can do as a biz owner (that most skip over), and how to figure out where you might be blocking yourself in your biz
  • How to combat self-doubt and imposter syndrome, and why the online space can be such a mindf*ck (plus what I recommend doing to break this trap if you’re in it)
  • The one thing that will change EVERYTHING in Ally’s biz from her messaging to her client work (and the 5-word phrase I’m encouraging Ally to repeat over and over again)
  • What changes we’re making to Ally’s sales page (and how we brainstorm this in real-time together) plus how we’re connecting her process to her clients so she can sell with more ease
  • How to attract people you LOVE working with (and why “saying no to everything not the exact right fit” is a trap that’ll keep you stuck)
  • The simple yet game-changing time and to-do list strategy that will propel your business growth (and why this is crucial for six, multi-six, and seven-figure business owners)


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