Episode 7: Marketing, Simplified… Plus How to Streamline Your Sales Funnel (Session 5 with Ally)

In Session 5 with Ally, we’re simplifying how Ally markets her services, shows up online, moves leads through her sales process, and creates momentum in her business that pays off exponentially over time. Ally’s been in business for 10 years and there’s still room to streamline, simplify, and strategize because this is the foundation that supports long-term growth at EVERY level. 

If you want to increase your consistency or results with a marketing plan that WORKS, you’ll love this episode! 


In this session, you’ll hear:

  • How to create offers, sales processes, and marketing plans that help you get (and stay) consistent so you see exponential results in your business 
  • My biggest content hack and how to accomplish a week’s worth of marketing in ONE hour 
  • What I do personally (and recommend to my clients) when it comes to Facebook (or other social media) engagement and what Facebook insights can tell us about when, how often, and where to show up online 
  • How to promote events in your business, how often to sell (with intentional sales posts), and what it looks like to stack marketing activities on top of one another
  • The 3-step simplified marketing plan that’ll get you results AND massively simplify your to-do list


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