Episode 6: Offers That Sell & the REAL Truth About a Biz That Lights You Up (Session 4 with Ally)

In Session 4 with Ally, we continue the conversation around business models, pricing, and past investments, and get clear on the offers in Ally’s business that will both sell with ease AND light her up the most. From how to clearly talk about your business to messaging that attracts, we’re discussing how to have what you want NOW and set the foundation for a business you love. 


What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • How to design packages and services that better serve your clients (and how to avoid “letting people down” while working with you)
  • The key to loving your day-to-day (and how to spend more time in your biz doing what you WANT to do)
  • How to have what you want (now) and the truth about being yourself in biz that will totally set you free
  • The trap of investing (and the real reason we invest in programs and courses that “don’t work” plus how to break this cycle)
  • How to actually create a biz model you LOVE (and the 3 questions to ask yourself if your business doesn’t currently light you up)
  • How to design packages and services that fit your strengths and goals (and how to clearly communicate these offers so your audience wants to buy)
  • What I recommend including in a client proposal versus during client onboarding (and how to design a client onboarding system that creates more sales)
  • How to create offers that sell with ease (and the #1 question to determine whether or not your offer is confusing your audience)
  • What it means to create messaging that converts (and how to speak to prospective clients so they easily know if they want to buy your offer)
  • My unpopular opinion around sales and free containers (and why I’m recommending Ally create a free mastermind in her business)
  • How to find the right community for you (and the question I encourage you to ask TODAY to feel more empowered in your biz and have the thing you want NOW)


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