In our first solo episode of the season, I’m breaking down 7 myths and BS statements around ideal clients so you can stop holding yourself back and start making more money in your business. I promise, if you let go of these stories, and adopt the reframes I’m sharing with you instead, you will attract more great clients, have better conversion rates, AND have way more fun in your biz! 


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The 7 myths to stop believing about ideal clients (and the TRUTH that will bring more clients, more conversions, and more cash to your biz)
  • WHY the term “ideal client” keeps SO many business owners stuck (and how to have more fun and make more sales instead)
  • How I designed my business in a way that lights me up (even when it’s hard) plus the #1 Q to ask yourself before picking a process or model for your biz
  • The ideal client myth that keeps biz owners stuck the MOST (and why doing this WILL stall your revenue + growth)
  • How I know in 2.5 seconds whether or not someone is the right fit for me (and the only TWO questions I ask myself when talking to a prospective client)
  • The REAL reason programs and investments didn’t work for you (and how I recommend my clients think about “expensive mistakes”)
  • What makes a “good client” versus a “bad client” (and what I can tell you after working with so many clients for over the last 5 years!)


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