Episode 4: Creating Processes and Packages that Work For You and Your Clients (Session 3 with Ally)

In this session with Ally, we discuss what it means to design your services in a way that supports your growth, happiness, and fulfillment (plus works really, really well for your clients, too). We talk about boundaries (how to set them and how to keep them), what it looks like to attract right-fit clients, and how to make sure your mindset doesn’t mess up your strategy.


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Ally’s tendency to build a business around what her clients want versus what she wants (and how I recommend designing your packages to serve you, your zone of genius, and what lights you up most)
  • How to respond to clients who ask for something outside of what you offer (and the most life-giving hack + mindset shift you can adapt when it comes to working with clients, especially if you think you’re “bad” at boundaries)
  • How to detach from client results, outcomes, and the need to fix it all (plus what is ACTUALLY your responsibility in the client-provider relationship)
  • How to design processes in your business that attract right-fit clients (and how to avoid working more, working harder, and feeling tons of pressure in your business)
  • The key to packages that work for you, position you as the expert AND help your clients get bigger and better results
  • What your clients believe is MOST important about the service you provide (and how to use this information to provide a better client experience)
  • How to reframe “expensive mistakes” or investments that didn’t go as planned and why this is KEY to making confident decisions + moving forward 
  • Why it’s really hard to overcome objections you still have (and why just because you *can* do something doesn’t mean you should!)


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