In Session 2 with Ally, we go deep with an honest, transparent conversation about how overthinking, second-guessing, and being a deeply feeling human can show up (and sometimes trip you up) in business. Plus, I share practical strategies, journal prompts, and next steps that will resonate with all entrepreneurs navigating client relationships, boundaries, and how to stay consistent even when it’s uncomfortable. If you want to know the (surprising) key to growth + success in business, this one’s for you!

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How overthinking and second-guessing can trip you up in business
  • The irony about choosing an “ideal client” (and what I recommend doing instead if you want more ease, clients you love, and a business that lights you up!)
  • How to establish a process that works for YOU (when it comes to content creation and marketing your services)
  • The key to showing up consistently in your business (and how to separate your process from your results)
  • The surprising truth about “letting it be easy” and how to ACTUALLY create more ease (hint: this is ALSO the path to success in business) 
  • How empathy shows up in business (and my two recommendations + journal prompts for entrepreneurs who are also deeply feeling humans)
  • Practical + mindset-specific strategies for communicating with clients, setting boundaries (and your schedule), plus designing a client process that feels good


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