Episode 25: Lessons, Takeaways, and Big Transformation (Wrap up with Ally)

During the final episode of Season 4, Ally and I discuss her journey on the podcast and what it was like for her to be coached publicly over the last six months. Ally shares the best (and most difficult) part of being on the podcast plus gives us more insight into her biggest victories and challenges while working together. We also get to hear what’s next, how Ally feels moving into her dream home, and what she wishes every entrepreneur could hear! 

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How often Ally remembered she was on a podcast while recording her coaching sessions (and whether or not that impacted what she shared or if she censored herself during sessions)
  • The reflection that has me in tears within 15 minutes (and the one lesson I wish EVERY entrepreneur could learn from Ally’s journey)
  • The best and most difficult part of recording her coaching sessions (and the one thing Ally sometimes wished we did differently)
  • Ally’s biggest victories, next steps, and the one decision she’s making to FULLY complete her transformation and lock in her new way of doing business


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