Episode 22: How to move business growth projects forward even when you’re busy (Session 16 with Ally)

In Session 16 with Ally, we break down how to prioritize growth projects in your business so that you continue to grow and scale even as your client load expands. We also talk about best practices for accomplishing biz tasks vs. client tasks so that you reduce decision fatigue, overwhelm, and wasted time in your business!


In this episode, you’ll hear:


  • What it looks like to normalize “havingness” and feeling good in your life and business consistently
  • How to accomplish growth projects in your business as your client load grows (and how I schedule business tasks vs. client tasks at A Lit Up Life)
  • Best practices for completing important but flexible tasks in your business (things like content creation, new product development, website updates, etc.) 
  • How to reduce decision fatigue and feel better in business with calendaring (plus Ally’s two-week calendar challenge!)
  • What to do when you’re worried about your coach’s judgment around something you’re doing (or not doing) and how to handle that as a coach or client


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