Episode 20: Celebrating Milestones & How to Feel Empowered in Biz (Session 15 with Ally)

In Session 15 with Ally, we showcase the importance of celebration in a coaching relationship and what it looks like to ground into and own what’s working and going right in your business. 

We also discuss what exactly has Ally feeling good and empowered in her business and the counterintuitive keys to enjoying the process of growing and running your business!


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How to remove urgency and pressure from your business (and how doing this can help you feel good and enjoy the process of running your business more!)
  • Why two clients might have opposite feedback on your process (plus how to react when a client is feeling frustrated with something in your business)
  • The first thing to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed or out of control with your workload (and the #1 activity to prioritize when you’re feeling this way consistently)
  • The weekly practice I want Ally to start using and why this simple exercise will help her feel AMAZING in her business 
  • How to feel like a great service provider or business owner AND receive more positive feedback from your clients, team, and audience


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