In Session 14 with Ally, we discuss the solid foundation she’s created plus the next-level opportunities she has to further grow and scale her business! We’re talking about courses, group programs, launches, beta programs, waitlists, & more as we explore what it looks like for her to scale beyond her booked-out 1:1 practice, plus breakdown the best practices for launching something new in business.


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • My favorite affirmation and the one thing that changed EVERYTHING for Ally (in the span of just two weeks)
  • What consistency really looks like (and why it works) and how to create consistent results without being at your computer 24/7
  • How to add a new team member, offer, or strategy to your business (and the #1 thing to know before deciding to add something new to your plate)
  • The power of beta programs and waitlists for launches, plus how to map out new offers with the one thing I ALWAYS recommend clients do first
  • Questions to ask yourself to get clear on what your next offer does & who exactly it’s for


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