Episode 18: Separating Yourself from Your Business (Session 13 with Ally)

In Session 13 with Ally, we talk about how to feel good in your business around everything from engaging with clients to taking time off. Plus, we uncover something I would have never thought to ask Ally (and likely something she never would have thought to tell me), demonstrating the value of a great coaching container and how the simple things often make the biggest difference!


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The big life event Ally is celebrating (and how mindset and manifestation helped make this happen for her family!)
  • What it means to live by “this or something better” and how to know what you’re doing is working (including the breadcrumbs and evidence I recommend looking for)
  • How to separate yourself from your business and create boundaries around your time (plus the simple recommendation I’m giving Ally that will make a BIG difference in how her business feels)
  • Why you might feel overwhelmed in business (and how to fix this so that everything from showing up for clients to taking time off feels good and exciting)


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