In our fourth solo episode of the season, I share why boundaries are key to staying sane (and sustainable) in business, how to set boundaries with others, and how to use boundaries as a business exercise (that helps you attract the right clients). Plus I share how to uphold your boundaries so business feels better and better.


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How to create safety in your sales process and client containers (and the 4 keys to boundaries that feel good to you and your clients)
  • How to set & uphold boundaries in your business and the SINGLE most important factor in determining how good your business feels
  • The client dynamic that doesn’t serve you and how to avoid feeling resentful or frustrated with clients who ask too much of you
  • Why it’s great to have a process or biz model that pushes clients away (and how I think of boundaries as an ideal client exercise that’ll help attract right-fit clients)
  • How to ensure client calls end on time, that you only respond to clients during business hours, that over-delivering feels good, and/or you uphold any other boundaries important to you!


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