Episode 16: Raising Prices, The Power of Boundaries, and Balancing Life & Biz (Session 12 with Ally)

In Session 12 with Ally, we discuss what it looks like to raise your prices, uphold process boundaries, and truly build the business that lights you up! From how to think about increasing your rate (and when it’s time to do so) to balancing life, working with clients, and working on your business, this session covers a TON about making business work for you!


During this session, you’ll hear:

  • How to raise prices as you’re booking out your biz (and why I recommend thinking about the overall results you deliver AND your hourly rate when considering a price increase)
  • How to attract clients who love to work with you (the clients who love your process, your way of working, and what you deliver!)
  • The power of boundaries and how they help you build a business that lights you up
  • How to define your ideal client based on values (and why this unique approach to an “ideal client avatar” helps you attract right-fit clients AND enjoy your work more) 
  • Mom guilt, summer schedules, and how to balance your time between life and work (even while feeling a lot of pressure and expectations around how you “should” show up)


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