Episode 15: New Level, New Challenges (& how to navigate growing pains in biz) (Session 11 with Ally)

In Session 11 with Ally, you’ll see how quickly things can shift week-to-week plus hear the huge entrepreneurial milestone Ally is celebrating! You’ll also hear how I coach Ally through new challenges that can come alongside growth, including a jam-packed schedule, an increase in client communication, and the question of whether or not to raise her rates! 


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The aftermath of navigating funks & creating new habits, and how fast things can shift week-to-week in business (whether you’ve been in biz 10 weeks or 10 years)
  • What to do as your business grows (with more sales calls, leads to respond to, and clients to manage) and how to manage your calendar as things get busier
  • The benefit of setting boundaries and clear expectations with clients (and why your clients will love and appreciate this as much as you will)
  • The HUGE entrepreneurial milestone Ally is celebrating (& one of my favorite exercises to do or share with clients as an easy way to “make yourself right” and celebrate where you are in biz)
  • How to think about raising your rates (especially if you feel you have “money blocks” or have had challenges in the past when increasing your prices)


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