Episode 14: Being in integrity as a service provider & what to do when clients are upset (Session 10 with Ally)

In Session 10 with Ally, we share the most underrated business exercise EVER and discuss how to navigate difficult client situations. This episode is so valuable for coaches, service providers, and business owners at EVERY level as we share new ways to think about miscommunication, clients who are disappointed or upset, and how to best serve your clients WHILE serving yourself and your business. 


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How to handle difficult client situations, clients who are disappointed or frustrated, or miscommunication while delivering your services (this is gold and a valuable coaching moment for ALL business owners!)
  • What it REALLY looks like to decide & know you’re in integrity as a coach, service provider, and business owner (and how to stay in that knowing even when a client has a bad day)
  • How to shift beliefs and rearrange patterns in your business (and specific, simple exercises that’ll create the biggest wins)
  • How to set up an email follow-up series (and #1 thing I recommend when writing follow-ups for more conversions) 
  • The most underrated business exercise EVER (and THE thing makes it 10x easier to show up online and get visible)


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