Episode 12: A BTS Look at Booking Out Your Biz (Session 9 with Ally)

In Session 9 with Ally, we showcase what it really looks like to book out your biz and start planning how to scale. From how to manage perfectionism, disappointment, and control (so that you have more fun and ease in business) to the surprising two non-negotiables for booking out your biz, this session will help you scale WHILE enjoying the journey. 


In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How having a bad week doesn’t have to lead to a bad year (and how even heavy seasons in business can feel light)
  • Why expecting perfection from yourself (or your team) is a trap and how to manage control in your business for faster results AND more fun
  • How Ally’s celebrating a booked out business (and the surprising TWO non-negotiables that are helping her scale)
  • How to create solid, sustainable shifts in your life and business (and the two-step approach I teach my clients for shifting beliefs and establishing new habits)
  • The counter-intuitive way to get what you want (and how THIS strategy will transform your results)


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