Episode 11: Mindset vs Strategy and How to Handle Hard Times in Business (Session 8 with Ally)

In Session 8 with Ally, we’re normalizing ups AND downs in business. If you’re having a hard week or feeling overwhelmed… If you’re wondering what’s next or how to solve the right problem in your business… If you’re not sure whether to focus on mindset or strategy to scale and hit your next goal… This episode is for you. Permission to be where are AND keep moving forward toward what you want.


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How to approach hiring in your business for more support, ease, AND results (and the #1 thing to be clear on BEFORE hiring)
  • How to get more done (and make more money) on less time & how to move through busy seasons in business like a true boss 
  • The surprising measure of growth (and why hard decisions, tradeoffs, and the fear of disappointment are part of scaling AND ALSO something you can enjoy – here’s how)
  • What to do when you’re having a hard week (and why the most successful entrepreneurs have mastered this even though it’s opposite to most marketing advice)
  • How to know when to look at mindset versus strategy (and exactly when to set goals and ask yourself “what’s next” in business if you want to scale) 


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