Episode 1: 10 Years in Business Ready to Do It HER Way (Meet our new coachee, Ally)

In this introductory episode of Season 4, you get to meet our new coachee, Ally! Ally has been in business for 10 years and is ready to deepen her sense of self-trust and finally build the business that feels good to HER. If you struggle with making decisions or setting boundaries, sometimes question your responsibility in the client-provider relationship, or want to build the business that feels amazing to YOU, you’ll love this season!


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • What Ally does, how long she’s been in business (hint: this might surprise you!), what her journey has looked like, and her biggest focus moving forward
  • The two things *I* am most excited about for this season
  • Why Ally wants to work with a coach and her thoughts on being coached publicly on a podcast (plus the two things she’s most nervous about)
  • The #1 goal Ally wants to accomplish over the next 6 months and her biggest challenges in business
  • What life looks like for Ally, how many hours she works each week, what investments she’s made so far in business, and the big win she’s already celebrating!


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