In this bonus episode, I’m sharing a special interview I did with my amazing friend and client, Christina Lecuyer, where she interviewed *me*! I think I’ll shock you with this one, as I share some behind-the-scenes about my life and business that I’ve hardly ever shared anywhere else. From the surprising way I spend my downtime to what I did for the first time EVER on a coaching call recently, this will be a fun episode (where I laugh AND cry) that will allow us to get to know one another better! 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • I’m guessing at least 1 new thing about me (that will surprise you a LOT ??)
  • What I almost NEVER leave the house without doing first (and the one thing I did on a coaching call the other day that I had NEVER done in all 5 years of coaching ?)
  • One of my favorite ways to study human behavior and how we think about things (and y’all this has nothing to do with business and will likely shock you ?)
  • Why I can coach such diverse people in diverse industries (and how you can apply this to your business and the people you serve!)
  • The one thing that would be REAL hard for me to give up for 30 days


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