Miniseries with Shelby: Slowing Down and Creating Safer Spaces (Session 3)

Rachel is on maternity leave and so we are too! Well, in a way… 

We’re bringing you a special miniseries with Somatic Psychotherapist, Buddhist meditation teacher, coach, and super advocate for trauma awareness, Shelby Leigh. During this 3-part miniseries, we normalize challenges in entrepreneurship and share how coaching can be a valuable container to navigate decisions and stuck points in a way that moves you towards long-term goals. 

In this final miniseries episode, Shelby and I discuss how to create safer spaces for ourselves and others, what it means to trust yourself in life and business, and how to create a daily “safety” practice that brings more freedom, creativity, and ease to your business!

Here’s what we share:

  • How cultivating safety in yourself rather than an institution, certification, or achievement gives you more freedom, more creativity, and more space in business
  • Why the amount of support you’re given needs to be in proportion to the amount of support you give (and why this is KEY for therapists, coaches, and healers!)
  • Our favorite hack for feeling more forward momentum in your business (and why NOT doing this often leads to stress and overwhelm)
  • 90% of success in EVERY area boils down to giving yourself this one powerful thing
  • How to create internal safety in your life and business and the #1 way Shelby does this on a day-to-day basis (plus the simple Q she asks herself to feel better)
  • The skill of slowing down to hear your intuition and make better decisions
  • How to create safer spaces throughout your groups, programs, and services


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